Destinations Andaman

The Andaman Islands are home to some of the best underwater flora and fauna in the world. The unpolluted crystal clear warm waters here provide an ideal habitat to thousands of species of fish and corals. Coral patches found almost all across the islands are feeding grounds to Fish, Turtles, crabs and other marine creatures of all sizes. Our aim is show you the best marine life and coral patches within the stipulated time of the trip.

Depending on the weather conditions, our boats explore underwater marine life around Snake Island, Viper Island, North Bay Island and Ross Island. Some of these areas are also famous for Dolphin sightings for those who are lucky.

North Bay (Coral Island)

North Bay (Coral Island) - At North Bay you an experience the beautiful coral reefs, numerous varieties of fishes and other marine life. The Andaman Dolphin glass bottom boat ride will take you for a closer view of the vast coral colonies. You can also try for Sea walk & Scuba Diving (on additional cost) for a complete marine experience on this island. North Bay appears on every 20 rupees Indian currency note. 

Ross Island

Ross Island - One can visit ruins of a Swimming Pool, Church, Chief Commissioner’s residence and Cemetery etc. the erstwhile capital during the British regime which today is hugged by wild wines and huge roots and trunks of century old trees. It also provides a beautiful view of surrounding seas.

Viper Island

Viper Island - The serene, beautiful island of viper is situated inside the Port Blair Harbor. Infamous for convicts who were jailed here, the gallows atop its hillocks was where criminals and revolutionaries were housed before the commissioning of the Cellular Jail. The ruins of the discarded jail, built by British in 1867, can be still seen in this Island.